Bleu Cheese Fish Mousse on a Bed of Distressed Lettuce

If your reaction to reading that is “huh?”, you have yet to be introduced to the hysterical podcast, “My Dad Wrote a Porno”. There’s a theatre audience version on HBO. In reality, the 60 yr old, retired father of 30ish millennial, Jamie Morgan, revealed to his family that he had written a series of pornographic e-books. Jamie’s horrified reaction was to confess this to his college pals, Alice and James. They insisted he read it to them, and a podcast was born. The writing is laughably bad, and the author’s grasp of anatomy is tenuous at best. The trio thoroughly mocks each chapter with witty banter. Yes, the books are lascivious, but they are so preposterous that the effect is anything but titillating. The heroine is a sales manager for Steele’s Pots and Pans, a hotbed of corporate nookie and industrial espionage involving a new cookware line. The title of this post is a dish presented for luncheon at a swank hotel… revealing that the author’s knowledge of cuisine is on a par with his mastery of writing ( “She turned to face his face”) and anatomical expertise (“breast nipples”, and positions not even a double-jointed contortionist could manage). The cheese and fish notwithstanding, distressed lettuce? Did he once hear mention of massaged kale and misremember? Or was it the made-up color, distressed oatmeal, that Alexander McCall Smith uses as a trope in his 44 Scotland Street series? The podcast is NOT for the prim, but if you become a fan, the good company in which you find yourself includes Dame Emma Thompson, Michael Sheen, Elijah Wood, and Hayley Atwell.


The podcast started a new season, bad as, and better than, ever. A fit physician is assumed to have “a fair and balanced diet of at least 7 fruits and vegetables an hour”. WTH? Is the doctor an orangutan? And in one libidinous encounter, thighs are spread “like a brand new pair of premium stainless steel catering tongs”. :joy:


Reminds me of the podcast Martha Stewarts daughter did for awhile mocking her mothers work. Along with a sidekick pal they tore into the cookbooks, website and countless “good things.” It might have been Sirrus radio.