Blast from the past!

Just for fun…

…do you remember what your first post on CH was, or what it was about?

After lurking for years I finally made my first post to WFD thread. I was travelling in Patagonia and at the time I was eating fresh Antarctic king crabs in Chile and Ushuaia (Argentina’s southernmost town) every day. I wrote something along the lines of if it’s OK to eat king crab every day, and Maria and Linda said “yes!”. LOL…

7 years later we are still here!


Here’s a link to Jim Leff’s final word on the shutting down of Chowhound:

TL:DR, but not surprised at all.


I do. Well, not actual memory - I searched CH for my original username and then found my past threads. This first one dates from 7 March 2007 and was titled “Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway - foreign newbie needs good eats”

Hi to the board. I’m John and I live in north west England.

In September, my wife & I are spending 3 weeks travelling through VA, NC, SC & GA and are looking for good eats. We are still route planning and will be posting other threads as and when we sort things out.

But we know we are going spend a few days driving the Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway and exploring some of the towns between Front Royal and Asheville.

In terms of the northern part, Front Royal, Charlottesville and Lexington are definitely on the itinerary and any recommendation for those towns would be welcomed. I’d also like any general recommendations for the rest of the drive down to Asheville (I’ll post separately about there, so don’t need Asheville ideas just now).

Casual dining would be good for this part of the trip, but if there’s a more upscale “don’t miss” place, then please tell me. If possible, we’d like to eat local cuisine for dinner.


I was going to go find it. I think my first post was seeking out empanadas in Kensington Market in Toronto.


My first thread topic was from 11/14/01 asking on the ancient Boston area board about a place for a corporate dinner (IIRC) near Burlington, MA (Silks in Tyngsboro came highly recommended at the time, and I think that’swhere I sent them).


Mine was “preserved lemons” in response to a question about what to do with lemons. '07. I think the first thread I started was about some fish from a local Asian market.


The first one I found of mine was a response to a question about Bolognese in 2006. Coincidentally, we had Bolognese from the freezer for dinner last night, made according to the same recipe I recommended in 2006. Nice to know I am still dedicated to tradition!

ETA: the first post I started myself was actually asking about a fish market in my old neighborhood. Memories!


Woot someone else reads his Slog! Great stuff there. For some reason I am also friended with him on fb and when he talked about having a bunch of chowhound passports left all I typed was “gimmie” and he immediately sent me Three.

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