Blackstrap BBQ-Winthrop, MA

My youngest is home from school so we are back on our informal bbq quest.
Last night we traveled from the greater Lawrence area to Winthrop to try
Blacksrap BBQ.
We arrived around 6:00 pm and were the only ones there. We started with soda and a Magic Hat Mother Lager, which was very good, a light bright beer to compliment dinner.
Six dry rub wings came with ranch dressing, which we ignored. I did grab the NC vinegar sauce and mustard sauce to try. Of the 2, I much preferred the vinegar based sauce.
The wings were very good, a nice smoke to them, juicy inside and crunchy outside.

Its a good menu, lots of options. Wednesday the special is a fried chicken plate and they very nicely let me sub fried chicken on the 2 meat plate. I added ribs, mashed and cream corn. Son had ribs and smoked sausage, mac and cheese and green beans. Both came with corn bread.
Fried Chicken was excellent! Smoked and then fried up with a very crunchy coating, I did get a potato-y taste…chips maybe? So hard to find good fried chicken, which is probably just as well!
The ribs were well cooked, but not fall apart over cooked when you eat them. A good balance. I added the sweet bbq sauce which really complimented the rub.
Mashed were fine, home made and the cream corn was pretty good. Peppery, which I like and not too creamed.
Across the table the ribs were eaten with just the rub, no sauces. chased by the green beans. both were much enjoyed. He ate the sausage up first, seemed to enjoy them but ultimately felt there was too much smoke to them?
We brought the mac and cheese, 2 corn breads, most of the potatoes and 2 ribs home.
The corn bread is sweet and looks heavy. I think my husband plans to grill one to have with his coffee.

Overall we liked Blackstrap and if we were closer would visit more often.
The upside of the trip is that I now know where Belle Island Seafood and Angela’s is located.


great review and upside, enjoyed reading it!

I found the ribs too dry and too lean, but that was a couple of years ago. I’ll drive to Sturbridge for consistent excellence.

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Did you see BT’s has installed new smokers so they won’t run out of the popular items early? Can’t wait. I like their pork ribs, but the brisket and beef ribs are the best.

how is the pulled pork? I’m from NC and I have particular tastes. Don’t like sweet sauce or sweet cornbread with mostly white flour. Love NC vinegar sauce.

The vinegar sauce and mustard sauce were both pretty good, but I wasn’t raised on it so I’m not sure how authentic you would consider it.
We were not fans of the cornbread. Sweet with a cinnamon swirl through it.

Hey, kimfair, I’m thinking of heading to BT’s soon to bring some home for dinner. Can you suggest items that you think will hold up well for a couple of hours? It’s about an hour from there to my house, and I’ll need to pick up my son and daughter-in-law so that will take up some time.

I’ve brought home the brisket successfully. I have also gotten the pork and beef ribs. I used one of those stay hot/cold bags (we picked it up to go to a friends house with it, who lived about 45 minutes from BT’s). I honestly think most any of their meats will hold up well, though you may need to pop them into an oven to warm them up when you get home.

I’ve liked all the meats I’ve tried there, including the pulled pork which was very lightly sauced (vinegar based), with extra vinegar sauce available. I do think that the best things they make are the brisket and beef ribs, though.

Thanks, that’s really helpful.