Black Market Seafood [Houston, Texas]

Article from Houstonia regarding a sting operation targeting local seafood purveyors.

No names yet though.

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I saw this in the Chronicle and Bruce Molzan of Ruggle’s infamy got popped last year for buying illegal snapper. I hope he gets the chair.

This really pisses me off as I and other recreational anglers enjoyed venturing 50-60 miles offshore to fish cobalt blue waters and catch a limit of 5 snapper, then 4, and now 2, not worth it even if you nail a couple of 15 pounders.

It’s a grind going on 8 hour round trips and not worth it for a 2 fish limit while the commercials fish year round and sell their poached products to losers like Molzan.

The fed’s National Marine Fishery gang perpetuate the myth that there is a shortage of snapper in the western Gulf while the commercial lobbyists stuff money into their pockets.


Then there’s this about good ole Bruce.

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