Black Garlic, Cambridge/Metrowest area

Trader Joe’s recently was selling black garlic, and we came to really enjoy working with it. Sadly, they discontinued it. We’re looking for a reasonably priced local source and would appreciate any leads before we resort to ordering a large quantity from Amazon. Thanks!

I have seen it from time to time at the WholeFoods Alewife

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The Star Market in Brighton has it sometimes, but not consistently.

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Thanks, honkman and BurgerBob! I’ll report back when I find it.

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I think I saw it out of the corner of my eye this week at the Burlington TJ’s. Call and ask if they have it.

Thanks, grey. Will do. I checked there a couple of weeks ago and didn’t see it, but I didn’t ask, either. I’l report back.

I made a quick Burlington H Mart and TJ’s run yesterday in preparation of making bibimbap for visiting family. I think what you saw was fresh garlic in mesh bags in the grocery aisle. My son ordered some from Amazon (mixed reviews) and if he doesn’t find it acceptable, I’ll head to Eataly. Anyway, Anyway, thanks so much for checking!

No. I was there 7/13. There was a sign for black garlic in the frozen aisle. It was on the right side, if you were facing toward the rear of the store, just before the tall freezer.

Oh, thanks, that’s helpful. When I asked, the employee said if they had any it would be in the grocery aisle.
I didn’t check elsewhere.

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So I made it back to the Burlington TJ’s in Wednesday after a Wegman’s run. The sign was right where you said it was, but an employee checked for me and they were sold out and no longer carry it. Thanks for the help, grey!

Found some, unexpectedly, at the Northborough Wegmans a few days ago

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Hey, SciChick, do you remember what section you found it in? I’m assuming produce, but was it near the garlic? Thanks!

Success! Chestnut Hill Wegmans. Thanks so much, ScienceChick and everyone else. It was in the produce section next to the store-diced veggies. Not cheap at $9.99, but I don’t use it that often. My son bought some from Amazon and he feels that it isn’t as good as the one TJ’s sold. We’ll see how this compares.

I saw black garlic today at, of all places, Arax Market in Watertown. It was vacuum-packed in rigid clear plastic jars, on a shelf below the olive bar. Label said “Product of PRC”.

Oh, cool! Thanks so much. I still have some of the Wegman’s to use up, but will definitely head to Arax when I’m looking for more.

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Look what I snagged at Arax today! Like the Wegman’s garlic, it is from China. We’ll see how they compare. This one is shelf stable, but I’ll refrigerate it after opening. Thanks, Gretchen!


Wegmans Burlington has it in a package of two heads for $4.49, next to the fresh garlic.

Thanks for the tip. (I’ve only had it from Eataly in NYC, and the exterior of that version was much darker.)

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Oh, thanks, Gretchen! I still have a little but will restock soon. That’s a great price.