Black Bark BBQ [San Francisco, Fillmore]

Tried the brisket from Black Bark BBQ in the Fillmore, opened recently by the owners of 1300 on Fillmore across the street. You order at the counter and get a number flag. Lots of TV’s showing sports. Stacks of wood in the front, I wonder if they use it for the smoker. I ordered a half pound of brisket ($13) and also a small order of collard greens ($4). The collard greens were fine. I’m a brisket newbie, but I thought the brisket here was quite good. Very rich and tender, with flavorful fat and a nice bark on the edge. Three types of sauce on the table - a sweet thick sauce that had a bit of chili flavor, a thin red vinegar based sauce, and a mustard based sauce. Brisket didn’t really need the sauce so I didn’t use much. Came with a few pickled cucumbers and onions.

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Set aside that the brisket didn’t need the sauce, how did you find the sauces?

I thought the sauces were fine. Mustard sauce tasted like a thin slightly sweet mustard. The vinegar sauce was thinner but not as thin as vinegar, with a bit of heat. The other sauce was thicker and had kind of a smoky chili flavor with some sweetness. Maybe had some chipotle in there? None of them were especially hot. May have went better with the pulled pork or ribs.

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