Black and white cookies

Does anyone make a good local version? I had one recently on Long Island with a good chocolate layer that challenged my long term dislike for these.

The spongy cookie House of Bagel’s uses pleased me. But their chocolate icing tastes just like the cheap icing that kept me away from B&W cookies since I was a kid.

Saw them at Saul’s in Berkeley today, but have no idea how they taste. Anyone who has tried them?

The ones from Saul’s are OK, I prefer them from the Grand Bakery (on Grand Ave a few doors down from the Grand Lake Theater).

Is this a cultural thing rather than a taste thing?

I’d always thought it was a strictly cultural thing— low quality ingredients on a boring cookie. Then I had one that I liked. I think it’s one of those things where 1% of the product is good, and 99% is crap but people rationalize as good (i.e. a cultural thing)

Wise Sons has apparently been making them for the last year. They got the texture right, but for my taste I’d prefer more a lemony flavor. YMMV.

Like Hydrox cookies?

FWIW I have never eaten a Black and White Cookie and never will, thanks to Jerry Seinfeld.