Bizarre Menu (Or, would you try this new restaurant?)


There’s a restaurant next door to where I work that used to be one of the only decent Jewish Delis in our area… until it was sold and the new owners switched meat and bread suppliers. Not a good sign. After a while they introduced pizza and other Italian dishes. You can order a bowl of matzoh ball soup and a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

I call it the ‘Schizophrenic Deli’ now. Can’t decide what it wants to be and, unfortunately, not very good at anything it does any more. Service is really a problem too. It’s been for sale for the last few years. Price dropped in half but no action.

When I was in college my grandfather lived in a small town where one of the most popular restaurants was part Chinese food, part American. You could get Chow Mein (it was a LONG time ago) or prime rib. Actually they were pretty good at both.

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Capital restaurant in san francisco chinatown does both chinese food and prime rib (on Tuesdays )

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