Biscuit tortoni and other old school Italian (American) desserts

I finally made the biscuit tortoni recipe found in Arthur Schwartz’ book, New York City Food. It was so easy and reminded me of the dessert I used to eat at grandparents’ favorite old school Italian red sauce joint in the Bronx in the early 80s. I even used the fluted cups they traditionally used back then. Ahh - the pre-tiramisu era. :slight_smile: Anyone else a fan of tortoni, tartufo, spumoni and other old school treats?

I might alter the recipe with different toppings - nilla wafer and omitting the almond extract would be good for nut-free friends.

Recipe here. So delicious and easy! Like a semifreddo!


I haven’t had this since the 80s. Thanks for the post.

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Tied w/ a posset as my favorite dessert! Hmm, heavy cream???

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Super easy to make. Yes - 2 cups of heavy cream and 2 eggs whites. So good!