Binghamton: great Thai at Mai Thai

Ok, so it is in Johnson City, not Binghamton proper, but that only matters to those who were born here. And the owners are Laotian, not Thai, as are those of most other Thai restaurants in the area. Located in a former Veterans of Foreign Wars post, Mai Thai has the ambiance of a mom-and-pop shop with simple tables and little decor. But the food is so good one soon overlooks that. The menu has the usual Thai curries and stir fries along with a nice variety of noodles–probably reflecting the large number of Asian college students in the area. I had the chicken with basil stir fry. The vegetables were the best part of it. They were perfectly tender/crisp. I ordered it “5-chilis” hot and it was just that. Those unaccustomed to Thai cuisine would do well to start at 2-chillis.