Binchoyaki - midtown Sacramento, CA

Went for a belated birthday lunch with two other couples to this yakitori specialist in midtown. Bottom line, everything is good. I tried chicken heart, which was fine but not my favorite texture. The shrimp tacos were delicious but a lot. I’d skip them in favor of trying more stuff. The chicken thigh and tail (labeled cheekily ass ‘chicken ass’) are outstanding. The yaki onigiri are absolutely scrumptious. The wings have a nice spicy kick to them. The pork belly was a bit chewier than I might have liked. The bacon fried rice (w egg) was astonishingly good. Fantastic waitstaff, patient with our unfamiliarity and making great suggestions.

And they even comped me a birthday crème caramel!

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And the cocktail of the table was the Shiso Pretty, a Japanese margarita with shiso syrup.

The bill for 6 came to about $350 with tax and tip including 6 drinks, so excellent value for money.

Next time I wanna go with a smaller group and sit at the bar.


Nice report, glad you enjoyed it.

Truly a Downtown Sac gem.

Did you try the sake flights?

I’m not a drinker, and my dining companions are more whiskey/beer folks than sake. So I can’t give any opinion as to their sake except to say that their selection seemed pretty extensive.

Personally, I’m looking forward to going back and trying more types of skewers (beef, pork cheek, chicken liver) and possibly some of their noodles.

The corn dogs were fun, with a smoky sausage in the middle and sweet cornbread coating and REALLY spicy mustard, but that’s another one I might skip next time in favor of trying something new.

For sure, it’s a place that seems like multiple visits would be rewarding.

Next time, a smaller group and sitting at the bar to watch the action!