Billion Dollar Buyer on CNBC - Tilman Fertitta - Houston/Galveston and most everywhere else

Is anyone watching this show? I’d love to hear comments. For me, I now see exactly why quality of product dips when he acquires a business…the show does not improve my opinion of his establishments. He forces quality down to encourage mass sales, while he takes home all the profits. The Walmart of restaurants.

Billion Dollar Buyer

I thought I had replied to this with my thoughts regarding Tilman. Anyway, it’s simply this:

He may be a lousy restaurateur, but you have to admit that he’s a great businessman. I avoid chains as a rule, (thanks in no small part to Tilman Fertitta himself), but with him I have to do a whole LOT of avoiding.

'Cause they are everywhere.


He has his own label olive oil now. Photo at La Griglia.

I worked in Galveston back in 19 and 95, that’s before the turn of the century for you youngsters.

The locals assured me his restaurants down there were better because he was down there a lot.

I went to Landry’s and had raw oysters and boiled shrimp even though there is a risk associated with consuming anything cooked in a Fertitta establishment.

Oysters are impossible to foul up unless dead when shucked and I remember the shrimp to be fine. I didn’t want to press my luck and never went back relying on old favorites Seafood Depot for fish and Benno’s for blackened oysters.

I will do Saltgrass once or twice a year for a decent steak at a reasonable price with the usual caveat of not venturing west of Beltway 8 on I-10.