Big party for this Saturday, metrowest Boston

Hi everyone,

in classic fashion, my extended family has decided that this Saturday is the night to celebrate my milestone birthday. We need a table for 10, metrowest (Newton, Wellesley, Needham, etc), and not too $$$. My (divorced) parents agreed upon Paparazzi and Season52, but I really don’t care for either. We also need to eat early for my 5 yo nephew, and it has to have GF options for my sister. Meanwhile, we were supposed to be at Sarma but our friends going with us got COVID, so…

Any suggestions??? THANK YOU!


Ok. Here are some thoughts
Alta Strada in Wellesley
Blue on Main in Needham
Branch Line in Watertown
Da LaPosta in Newton

Happy Birthday!

(I just celebrated, not a major milestone, but my SO and daugther got me a bucket-list experience: cheese/wine tasting at Formaggio Kitchen that included a tour of the cave where they ripen cheeses)


Yikes on both the COVID interruption and the last-minute Saturday night big group rez, but also HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Bocado and Alta Strada both worked well for big group meals for me (thought perhaps not exciting for you) — check if GF will work at AS though, they don’t mention anything on the menu.

Chiara is also lovely and was fine for about 7 of us so 10 isn’t a stretch, and early might be in your favor there (plus, surprisingly, they have a kids menu).


Thank you both! All your options are great and I’ve been to all of them. Branchline was on my mind but we had a meh meal there recently. We settled on Ward 4 which is near my sister. Hopefully great meals are in my future!!! Thanks again!

(@MaxEntropy that sounds INCREDIBLE!)


I was going to suggest a place that I’ve never been to but want to try - The James - because it seems like the cozy kind of place that we gravitate toward. (It also reminds me of the dearly departed Matt Murphy in Brookline Village.) Ward 4 looks like it’ll fit the bill for your family. Have a wonderful time!

Bummer about the recent meh meal at Branchline. We had a similar experience back when restaurants started opening up again and haven’t returned. With the gorgeous weather this weekend, I was considering the patio. We will proceed with some caution.


Happy birthday to @sallyt! Hope your celebration is wonderful.

Belated happy birthday to @MaxEntropy! Your celebration inspires me for a future birthday. Because Formaggio. :blush:

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Yeah, @digga , it was a bummer! People LOVE the James - it’s really perfect if you eat meat, which I don’t - I’m always low-key disappointed. The carnivores in my life love it though - the burger in particular.


Thanks! I had bid many times on the tour of the cave when they offered it in the WGBH auction. Always outbid - there are some deep pockets out there!


I an not sure if it still exists but they always had Cheese Courses at Formaggio which included a tour of the cave(s)

Yep, Formaggio Kitchen has resumed the cheese events including the cave tour.

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How was your birthday dinner @sallyt? Happy birthday!

Awww @GretchenS thank you! Food was totally meh - my kids said “like Biltmore but not as good” - but it was nice to be with my family. They got me a cake from Quebrada and everyone said that my cakes are better but honestly anything homemade is better.


Oh Sally. First, Happy birthday! Second, glad you got to be with family and that was enjoyable despie the meh food. Third, I wish I could bring you something I bake at home for your birthday that would be good to you, while realizing it would never be ask good as you bake.

And fourth and finally, that you get that dinner at Sarma sometime soon!

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Matt D’Agati here, This is very helpful information for a guy with a large family! This will give us some good ideas throughout the new year!