Big Game Feeding, MY HEB deals

What are you people feeding on? We’re going to Carrabba’s Kirby on Saturday and going to eat like pigs so I’m not even thinking about it yet.

Here’s a few deals, 7.97 prime strips, 26-30 Gulf shrimp 6.97, good boiling size, 1.27 spare ribs, and 4.97 lobster tails. We did the lobster in the toaster oven a couple of weeks ago and they were delicious.

I’m surprised there was no live crawfish, seems like a no brainer.

A Carrabba’s report will follow.


Is it an occasion?

I am two weeks post op on my maladjusted molar and I’m excited about prospects not involving mashed potatoes or yogurt. Maybe even today. Also, if I ever become addicted to a substance, it will be Halcion. :tooth::woozy_face:

My fav dish at Carrabba’s is the Shrimp Damian. And just in case Damian hisself is reading, I miss his PBS show, Cucina Sicilia, so bring it back ya hear?

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An occasion, sort of. I bought the Wifeacita a gift card stocking stuffer so it will be a Christmas re-celebration.

There will be a crab/shrimp osiel appetizer, off the menu. I have a ribeye penciled in and a side of fettuccini alfredo, a must. The Wifeacta won’t decide until we settle in at the pasta bar so we can watch the cooking and see the dishes come out.

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It’s also the first day of vacation.

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