Big Fish Little Fish for Poke - SF Westfield Mall Downtown Report

Tried out Big Fish Little Fish on the 2nd day of opening. No grand opening special deals which was a bummer. It’s in the basement Food Court next to Walgreen Corner and the Korean fast food place.

They have 3 bowls:
Big Fish $13.98 it’s a Huge bowl and you can pick 3 proteins
Little Fish $11.95 - smaller bowl and you can pick 2 proteins
Veggie Bowl $7.95
Each additional protein $2

Avocado topping extra 50c

I picked Little Fish $11.95 w/ tax for dine in $1.02 = $12.97 I gotta remember to say “To Go” think no tax if To go I think.

It’s a good size if you’re not too hungry, 2 proteins I got were Tuna and Salmon and seemed like a lot of it, they put it on the top so that’s good. You can get lots of sides and crunchy stuff.

I’ll go back for sure. I need to take pics next time.

Big Fish Little Fish
Westfield Mall Downtown - by Walgreens Corner Basement Food Court


Has the (awful) Koja Kitchen opened yet? They are spreading like a disease in SF.

hearsay they have. also in Alameda, San Jose, …prefer them over Panda Express. btw, gave them a big boost when i saw them at a street eats in Oaktown. 5 stars (after an upgrade on their mochimisu@eat real). they never forgot that.