Big chef shuffles coming out of Wynn Las Vegas

From Eater, Big chef shuffles coming out of Wynn Las Vegas
“Rene Lenger IN at The Country Club, Carlos Guía OUT”

. . . and coming on the heels of

  1. Paul Bartolotta is OUT at Bartolotta, the seafood restaurant @ the Wynn, and Mark LoRusso, the Exec. Chef at Botero – the steakhouse @ the Encore – is taking over. (See… – 7/22/2015).

  2. Joseph Zanelli, formerly with Blau & Associates (Honey Salt and Andiron Steak & Sea), will take LoRusso’s former spot as Exec. Chef at Botero. “…we are looking forward to welcoming him back to Wynn as the Executive Chef of Botero,” says Deanna Pettit-Irestone, the executive director, public relations at Wynn Las Vegas. (See… – 8/6/2015).

  3. Then, “Botero, the steakhouse at Encore Las Vegas named for the artist, plans to close on Nov. 1 to be remodeled and turned into a new concept. A tipster tells Eater Vegas the restaurant will convert into a three-meal venue.” (See… – 8/19/2015).

WTF is going on at the Wynn?!?!?!?!?

Probably rename Bartolotta to:
or Bartonada

Had one of the best meals at the Wynn’s Lakeside restaurant.
Stunning restaurant, food was sublime and love the freaky deaky water show.
Mostly seafood that is flown in same day, from all over the world.