Big Bobs Englishtown NJ

I recently discovered that Main Street, Englishtown is nearby now. I’m intrigued by Foodies but have yet to stop there. Today I ordered when they opened at 11 and headed to Big Bobs to pick up a cheesesteak. Years ago I posted in search of a good local cheesesteak and I don’t remember Big Bobs coming up so I didn’t have high hopes.

Subtracting from my tepid enthusiasm was the poor meat to bun ratio. I didn’t see an option online or in the paper menu I got for extra meat, but I will ask next time.

Yes, there will be a next time. Why? Because, in the end, the thing that matters the most is the meat. And the meat was good. More on this place to come.


There is a liquor store (Yorktown) / bar (Molly’s Public House) in that strip mall that I stumbled across. The bar is small, but they have an excellent beer selection and live music, and a friendly owner. They offer a food menu that is sourced in part by Big Bob’s and the Italian place also in the strip mall. I’ve enjoyed the roast pork sandwich. The Mexican place adjacent to the strip mall is hit or miss.


This intrigues me and while I do agree the meat makes the sandwich, it’s hard to imagine how you even got to taste the meat vs. bread. That ratio is way off as you noted that amount of meat would have been perfect for half a sub that size, let alone that one.

While unfortunately no help for you now, Palumbo’s in Little Silver has become my “go-to” cheese steak place. I’m not suggesting any runs there, however for the area it’s about the best around, not a cheese steak “destination”, but a good place to get your “fix”.
( did you opt for no peppers and onion? You need onions at a minimum in my opinion )


In the vernacular - wit :grin:

Me, I prefer them naked, just steak and whiz.

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I agree about the necessity of onions on a cheesesteak.


Bonettis at the intersection of Englishtown & Texas Roads makes a decent cheesesteak. Not fabulous but good. Forget Molinas.


Well thanks in no small part to this thread for influencing my dinner choices.


Wowza!! That’s a hungry man portion!!


That’s a @NotJrvedivici (or his son) portion. :wink:

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@CurlzNJ for he record half went into the fridge. lol

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NO judgement!

Told you I’d be back. This morning I got the same sandwich with extra meat ( a $4 upcharge ) and this is the result:

A proper ratio this time, maybe even a little overstuffed.

I’m happy :slightly_smiling_face:


You or the sandwich?