Big Blueberries at Wegman's Manalapan

i’m late to this thread but just wanted to mention, this seems to be an annual thing at wegman’s. there will be ONE day every year when they’ll put out this monstrous blueberries. i always hope to catch them when i’m there but alas, i was soaking up the sun and eating a plate of souvlaki and tzatziki in the greek islands. still sorry i missed them. maybe next year.


Wegmans in Ocean still has em as of this past weekend.


I’ve bought them a few times. Once I got one berry that was twice as big as the others and I sliced it into quarters just because I could :grin:

They have them at the Manalapan store still.


I’ll have to check if the Ocean location has them… but I did buy a pint of Top Crop (from Hammonton NJ) at Shop Rite this weekend and was surprised by how large many of them are–and for the first time all summer, they TASTE LIKE BLUEBERRIES. :blush:

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Ocean Wegmans has them too… $6.99

Oh looks like I found them too!!! (not a bad price if they deliver as advertised!! :wink::wink:)


I guess size does matter after all…


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