Bianca [Newton, Chestnut Hill]

First visit to Bianca (from the Cushmans of O Ya) for take out. Online ordering was straightforward, food ready on time when I arrived.

Hamachi crudo was a generous serving of gorgeous fish, edges seared with Japanese charcoal. Crispy nori tuna tacos every bit as addictive as the versions served at Go Go Ya in Time Out. Pleasantly surprised that the nori remained crispy after the 15 minute drive home.

A whole rotisserie chicken with brilliant green, fresh piquant chimichurri served three of us with two generous portions left over. Good value slightly less expensive than Branch Line whole chicken.

Truffle fries were tasty, though somewhat soggy by the time we reached home. They crisped up well in a toaster oven after draining a bit of excess oil onto paper towels.

Ginger lemonade was an indulgence at $6 but delightfully spicy. Benefitted from being shaken over ice.

All in all an excellent take out experience. Looking forward to trying the Roman style pizza.


Sounds delicious! I do love those crispy nori tuna tacos, glad to hear they travel well.

The eclectic menu, seemingly crazy, sounds quite delightful to me. Chestnut Hill is usually a bit of a haul from Arlington but these days, that’s probably a much shorter trip.

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We had the hamachi crudo (easily the best thing we tried), some Spicy tuna rolls (also good), Japanese fried chicken (terrible, really did not hold up on the drive from Bianca to Newton Centre (no more than 5-7 minutes), and a $5 slice of pepperoni pizza, which made my high school cafeteria’s pan pizza look like the finest pizza in the land. Seriously, I thought it was lousy. Cold, uninspired crust (which I base my opinion of all pizza on), with “special” pepperoni which was not any better than any other pepperoni I’ve ever eaten. A sad slice, not worth $1 never mind $5. Keep to the sushi, and rotisserie chicken, and you’ll be fine.


Wow, we lucked out with our choices on our initial visit. Thanks for the heads-up. It’s disappointing the Roman pizza is substandard - we’ve really enjoyed the Roman pizza alla pala from Eataly, pricey though it is. Last week Eataly had one with proscuito and burrata - each slice had an entire ball of burrata!


I would have to try the Eataly version to see if it’s similar, and it’s just not my style, but the slice was really just meh. Not what I want from a $5 slice!

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I’ll be curious about your take on the Eataly version. Toothy yet light, thick crust, reminded me more of focaccia. We loved it…also the funghi and the shaved brussel sprout. They seem to have a rota of 6-8 varieties.

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PS - have your parking ticket from the Prudential parking garage validated and you get a free hour