BG Zakuska Bulgarian Breakfast [London]

BG Zakuska Bulgarian Breakfast is a small chain of cafes/bakeries with branches around London. Food is limited to sweet and savoury pastries and “rolled pizzas”, cold or heated in a microwave, for eat-in or takeaway.

My cheese and leek banitsa from the Barking branch (46 Longbridge Road, IG11 8RW) tasted freshly-baked, with soft layers of pastry enclosing salty white cheese and leeks cooked to a gentle sweetness (photo once taken home and sliced).

Other people’s thoughts (on other branches):

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Just a quick update on this one — they do hot food now as well. The options change, but the last time I was there they had chicken and rice, lamb with potatoes, moussaka, tripe soup, and zelevi sarmi (pork/rice-stuffed cabbage rolls made with pickled cabbage). I had the zelevi sarmi (photo), which wasn’t bad but would have been better served hotter.

Kake, your photo of the Cheese and Leek Banitsa is wonderful!

It really was as tasty as it looks!

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