Bevri (Los Altos)

When talking about cuisines from Europe in the US most often the focus is on French and Italian and perhaps sometimes Spanish and Greek but hardly anything else. But there are many more distinct cuisines which never get their recognition. Georgian cuisine is one of them with their use of tarragon and walnuts. Bevri is one of the few Georgian restaurants on the Bay area with two locations in Los Altos and Palo Alto. Our first dinner at the Los Altos location didn’t really have any weak dishes and a few strong highlights with badrijani salad, khinkali dumplings (great broth inside) and the khachapuri.

Badrijani salad, grilled eggplant, tarragon sauce, Georgian spices

Khinkali dumplings, pork & beef

Khachapuri adjaruli, boat-shaped cheese bread with butter and an egg

Pork mtsvadi, medium sized pork cubes marinated in onions, herbs and spices. Grilled on skewers. Served with roasted potatoes

Chicken kebab, ground chicken with Georgian herbs and spices cooked on the skewer. Served with roasted potatoes.

Caramel pudding

Napoleon cake, layered puff pastry with cream


Paula Wolfert interested me in Georgian cooking decades ago. We don’t have much in the way of Georgian cuisine here in Boston. It’s great you can experience it in SF area restaurants. There are some in DC area as well, I hear.

I love doing Georgian cooking at home.

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Bevri in Palo Alto has been a long favorite of mine. They recently moved from their first location on Bryant to University Ave proper (space was Strava italian restaurant until early pandemic). We really do just go for the katchapuri, and always find another dish or two. Very pleasant place. The PA branch doesn’t have a hard liquor license, but the georgian (and more western-standard wines with a few orange and similar) heavy wine list is always a hit.

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