Best/worst food gifts you've received

I thought this might be fun. Here’s my contribution.
When we got married in Berkeley hundreds of years ago, my father had a business friend in Kansas City. Whenever my father went there, he would bring back barbecue from Bryant’s. We loved it, even the white bread that was practically welded to the meat by the time we opened the package. As a wedding gift, my father’s friend sent us a big cooler of Bryant’s packed in dry ice which arrived the day of the wedding. I thought that was probably our best wedding present and still do. The tragedy is that we left for our honeymoon the next day, and my family ate it all. We never even got a taste!


I used to send my brother a top shelf tequila for birthdays and Xmas (as that is pretty much the only booze he drinks). But last Xmas I sent him a pastrami (which I know he loves) sandwich package from Langer’s Deli via GoldBelly. It was expensive… but not too much over what you’d spend for the same amount of food from the actual deli. It was very well received!


The best food gift I’ve received which is among the best gifts I’ve received of any kind was from the chef at our favorite restaurant. The chef and the restaurant shall remain nameless for obvious reasons.

My husband and I went there for dinner to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. When we eat there we ask the chef if he would prefer that we order or if he’d like to send us whatever he thinks we’d like.

If he’s in an omakase mood, we set a dollar limit. When we were about to tell him the budget he said, “Don’t worry, we’ve got you.”. The bill only included our drinks.

The chef didn’t stint the slightest on ingredients. We had scallops, summer truffles, etc. It was high among the most delicious meals I’ve ever eaten.


My cousin brought a bottle of Barefoot pink moscato to a brunch at my place about 10 years ago. I don’t want to throw it out because I hate to waste, well, anything, I’m certainly not going to drink it, and I don’t want to insult anyone by regifting it. So I still have it.


I appreciate the high quality whole bean coffee I have received as gifts over the years, but I don’t have space for a grinder and I’m too lazy to grind, so I end up giving the coffee beans to my friend.

Not a big fan of the Hickory Farms processed cheese and meats, but I use them up.


Poach pears in it.

I had over 30 gifted bottles of wine at one point. I don’t drink wine often (maybe 2 glasses a year), but I cook and bake with it.


I was given two truffles last year, and they were marvelous. Years ago a friend from school days brought a whole silver salmon to Houston from the PNW. I love those pears from Harry and David’s. Mother and dad sent them annually. I have received various candies and cookies I could have done without, but it was still nice to be remembered…