Best version of Spaghetti alle vongole in the city? [Ontario] [Toronto]

What’s the best version of Spaghetti/Linguini alla vongole in the city? Ever since a version I had, of all places, at Carbone in Miami, I’ve been craving something here. Where’s everyone’s go to for the dish?

I like the version at La Bettola di Terroni. Good portion of clams and the pasta has just the right al dente chew for me.


I haven’t ordered linguine with clam sauce in a long time. I would, and do, order the dish when I’m at Italian restaurants in NYC. I think, in general, Toronto is too far away from the coast for clam dishes.

For seafood pasta in general, without clams, the Leonardo at Joso’s , with shrimp, octopus, lemon and white wine, is my favourite.

@THECHARLES , check out this old thread! Before it’s gone!

I can never find a good one here in Toronto…my major concern being the versions offered always skimmed on the amount of clams!
As a result, I am now making my own by ’ winging it '…sauteeing minced garlic, shallots, a little bit of red chili flakes and anchovies in EVOO and butter. Then add clams, clam juice and white wine ( love to mix Pinot Grigio with a bit of off-dry German Riesling )to it…cover till clams open. Stirred in al-dente pasta, finish off with chopped parsley, more EVOO and black pepper…Yumm! Lately, I found adding a sprinkle of Chicken powder kicked taste profile a notch more!


Wow!! 13 years ago!! OLD INDEED!! :joy:

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This looks amazing Charles - and you’re right, maybe this is the right answer. Will give it a try, both to cook and at some of the places mentioned and report back.

Agree about La Bettola di Terroni doing a good version. I can’t remember if we tried Figo’s version, but the pastas there have generally been very good.

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I haven’t tried it yet. Cappocaccia on Yonge posted a photo today.

The pasta look mushy and overcooked…or is that just me?!

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I would have to try it. So many foods look good on IG and taste like crap and vice versa.

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