Best vegetarian in SF? Greens?

We have a friend coming to town who is vegetarian - maybe vegan. He’ suggesting Greens. Havent been there in years. How is it these days? Any other suggestions?

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Absolutely fine. The cuisine is pretty staid at this point, but well executed and service is pro. I’ve taken many out of towners there and they’ve always loved it.

Best view in the city. Insist on a table hugging the window in the reservation.


If you don’t mind ethnic, I like Besharam (Indian).

Not as glamorous as Greens, but I think the food is a bit more interpid.


Where are they coming from and what type of food do they like?

As a general recommendation, consider Shizen, which is good for sharing stuff and possibly a style of food they don’t have available in vegan form where they’re from.

they coming from Austin Tx which is pretty sophisticated food wise , though not sure on vegan side - Thx will check out Besharam and Shizen

I like Savor in the inner sunset quite a bit.

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shizen and wildseed for strictly vegan
mission chinese has a large number of vegan options
kin khao has a good number of vegan options

any good pizza place is a good vegetarian option, e.g. A16.


It’s been years since I’ve been, but I agree vegan options at Mission Chinese (mmm… thrice cooked rice cakes) and Kin Khao were impressive. @burritoking , do you have any favorites at Mission Chinese?

Like those, I think the more envelope pushing vegan options are at restaurants that have a mix of meat and not. I’ve had an excellent vegan meal at Good Good Culture Club, especially the grilled mushrooms. A friend’s recommendation for Prubechu for the vegetarian (not necessarily vegan) options has piqued my interest too.