Best Vancouver/Richmond Chinese Restaurant for Mom’s 80th B-day Dinner

We are planning to drive up to Vancouver from Seattle in April and are planning an 80th birthday dinner for my mom. My initial research has the following contenders. Any recs from locals on which would be best? Hoping for great traditional food (my mom is Chinese) and better than avg. service/ambiance. Thanks!

Chef Tony
Western Lake
Empire Seafood
Jade Seafood
Golden Paramount


Hey HH! Looks like a pretty solid list. The only one I’d pass on with a larger group and an older diner is Western Lake. Notorious for seating way past your reso time, and for being crowded.

If I got to choose, I’d do Golden Paramount. Wonderful and woman-owned! Also has quite easy parking compared to the others which may be important.

Another one to eyeball if you haven’t is Chef’s Choice on Broadway. It would be my choice (lol) if I wanted to stay in Vancouver proper as over against heading to Richmond.


Nice to see our BC posters, posting! Hope happycamper and goagirl start posting on HO, too.

I was moved to revisit HO when I heard about CH closing down later this month. Will try to add a few more bits and bobs!


Very helpful! Also any thoughts on Dynasty Seafood in Vancouver? It also came recommended and was hoping to get some feedback as well. Thanks!

Haven’t been for a while but always reliable. Portions were smaller last time, and not ever experiment a hit with me but worthy. Bring money.