Best Sub-$10 Bottles You've Had Lately?

I recently panic-bought a couple 750s of nonvintage WA Sauv Blanc at a rural supermarket to plug a varietal hole in offerings for a small party. $9.99/copy, and this is not a place with liquidator or dealer prices.

This wine punched far above its weight. Surprisingly high ABV (13.75%) but crisp, enjoyable on its own and with foods. AVA is shown as “Columbia Valley”, but the winery itself is in Waluke Slope. It is by Ryan Patrick in Matawa.

What rock bottom wines have others found that are good enough to drink again, or make a daily driver?

Not wine connoisseur by any means, but my fav cheapo brands are Clos du Bois and Kenwood. Between the local CVS and Safeway I can usually find their S.B., Zin, and Pinots for around ten bucks (sometimes even less).

Cantina Pulatti 2018 Traminer Aramatico $7.99
Tibaldi 2019 Favorita $7.99
Aichenberg 2022 Premium Grüner Veltliner $9.99

All ordered through

My local wine shop has something they call a “no swill zone”. They feature anywhere from 6-10 European wines that can be mixed and matched.

One at a time they’re $7-8 per bottle, but a case of 12 qualifies you for $5 a bottle.

They’re generally solid, and far more drinkable than anything the grocery has at $10-15