Best Southern food in New Jersey

Saw this on line this morning. Anyone try these? Agree with selection?

At The Table in Asbury Park deserved mention

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I consider that soul food not southern food

I’ve been to two out of three. I wasn’t wowed by Delta’s, which was upsetting because I’ve worked in New Brunswick for a long time and I could have had a lot of meals there if the food was better or the prices lower. Jameson’s used to be my go to local joint before At The Table opened up. I think their food is just a bit better than Jameson’s at a similar price point. Another local place is Simply Southern in Belmar and I like their shrimp n grits a lot.

As long as I’m editing, I really like southern fried chicken and that’s why I go to At The Table. They have the best southern fried chicken around.

Do you mean Simply Southern in Belmar (next to JSBBQ)? Or is there another place called Southern Kitchen?


Sorry! You’re right. I am still thinking about an awesome meal I had in Tacoma Wa at a place called Southern Kitchen and it just came out. I did indeed mean Simply Southern.

Is that place still around? I haven’t lived in WA for years, and last ate there in 1995.

Yes it is, and the quality of the food, size of the portions, and price are all still good. My favorite meals of the trip.

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Simply Southern was pretty good. Prices were a bit high, but that is to be expected for Belmar. I tried catfish for the first time there. Unfortunately, the one thing I remember more clearly about that visit than anything was the dessert I ordered. It was $10 for a brownie with a scoop or two of ice cream. Kind of outrageous.