Best Southern food in New Jersey


Saw this on line this morning. Anyone try these? Agree with selection?

(Paul) #2

At The Table in Asbury Park deserved mention

(Roland) #3

I consider that soul food not southern food

(David) #4

I’ve been to two out of three. I wasn’t wowed by Delta’s, which was upsetting because I’ve worked in New Brunswick for a long time and I could have had a lot of meals there if the food was better or the prices lower. Jameson’s used to be my go to local joint before At The Table opened up. I think their food is just a bit better than Jameson’s at a similar price point. Another local place is Simply Southern in Belmar and I like their shrimp n grits a lot.

As long as I’m editing, I really like southern fried chicken and that’s why I go to At The Table. They have the best southern fried chicken around.

(YcF) #5

Do you mean Simply Southern in Belmar (next to JSBBQ)? Or is there another place called Southern Kitchen?

(David) #6

Sorry! You’re right. I am still thinking about an awesome meal I had in Tacoma Wa at a place called Southern Kitchen and it just came out. I did indeed mean Simply Southern.

(Elizabeth Ray) #7

Is that place still around? I haven’t lived in WA for years, and last ate there in 1995.

(David) #8

Yes it is, and the quality of the food, size of the portions, and price are all still good. My favorite meals of the trip.

(Greg Caggiano) #9

Simply Southern was pretty good. Prices were a bit high, but that is to be expected for Belmar. I tried catfish for the first time there. Unfortunately, the one thing I remember more clearly about that visit than anything was the dessert I ordered. It was $10 for a brownie with a scoop or two of ice cream. Kind of outrageous.