Best Sichuan Takeout Ever

We have a regular rotation of Sichuan spots in Catonsville and one of our favorites is Pepper Hourse, a true mom-and-pop spot run by a very sweet couple. One day, the wife who is the counter person, was cradling a nervous puppy and that set us to talking about him and that led to my mentioning we just lost our cat and were looking for two cats. She then told me the story of two fosters she had up for adoption. I looked at some pictures and the next day at 8am we were at her house to meet the kitties.

The girl cat was up on a chair staring at the window to the solarium they were occupying. And the boy was on his hind legs paws on the door. They ganged up on us showing us the full arsenal of their cuteness with side flops to show off bellies and sides for rubbing, cuddles, showing off of butts and more. While they did not get on our laps, they were incredibly affectionate. Then they got breakfast and all pretenses of sweetness vanished as they demolished their meager rations. So they are food motivated! I see trades of Churu’s for lap time and other cuddles. Or, at least, we will be trained to give them treats!

We are bringing them to our brand new home Saturday {we move in Thursday so they will have a cat’s delight of boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap. Or is it their brand new abode they MIGHT let us live in? At least until they get opposable thumbs.

Now to the Sichuan takeout bit. She is larger and clearly the more adventurous one of the pair. She also has a beauty spot on her left cheek just above the lips. So at first we thought Ginger as her new name. He is smaller and just is interested in pets and rubs. Clearly not the brightest bulb in the bunch. In fact, if he were to put his brain for sale the ad on Craig’s Cat’s List would read “Like new, hardly used!” So Gilligan.

But then we thought we need to honor their ancestral upbringing in a Sichuan home. So please meet MaLa Ginger and Ma Po Doofus. If the beauty spot is not clearly visible, we have no idea who is who. They do differ in a shoulder coloration, but we don’t remember who has the big shoulder patch.

Eat tatela, eat! What a hungry girl! Pretty sure that is MaLa Ginger on the right. She has the big primordial pouch.

This is MaLa Ginger. Or maybe it is Ma Po Doofus. Who cares? That is one cute cat!

This is Ma Po Doofus. Or maybe it is MaLa Ginger. Who cares? That is one cute cat!

With a cat butt so cute, does it matter who it is?


Lucky cats!!! :cat: :cat:


Lucky US!


Congratulations on your new family members! May they prove willing to share the living space with you. :smile_cat:

Here are three of our (eight) roommates; all were outdoors originally and eventually decided to move inside.


Looks like these cats were smart enough to know where to go!


The Sichuan takeout twins are home. After performint Cat Scans and applying scent via cheek rubs (there will be a bill!) They

had a meeting. The girl managed to open the closet door and they opened the door and when they came out of the closet, so to speak, they declared their actual, ACTUAL names. So officially meet Principessa Turandot and Kyoami (The jester in Ran, aka Peter).

He is at the top of the photo, La Principessa at the bottom. I think! She definitely is a Principessa. He is mostly funny but he is a truth teller when pushed.

Like if his sister tries to get in on some pets he hisses. And she remembers that she has a tea kettle on.

And if she is on the highest perch, he jumps up and on top of her and then slaps her with his paw. And she remembers that she has a tea kettle on.


Who’s singing the aria?

Pepper house is so close to the house where my late friends lived. BTW there’s a compounding pharmacy in Ellicott City that does pet meds. Not that you’ll need that for a long, long time. Congratulations on your new servitude. They’ll have you trained in no time.

They are sorely disappointed in us but LordPoopington told them to be patient as we were slow but amost inadequate.