Best Place to Buy Steak in the GTA

Mods, please merge if this there’s already an existing thread on this topic. I’m talking here about buying raw steaks (or meat in general) for home cooking, not steak restaurants. In particular, I’m referring to the higher end, not what you may procure from your local supermarket like Loblaws or Metro.

We’ve been going to butcher shops around town like St. Lawrence Market or smaller butchers like Alex Meats in Markham, or higher end supermarket like McEwan, Bruno’s and J-Town are also good. We’ve also recently learned of Butcher Boutique (formerly Cathedral High Steak), again, up in Markham that is becoming our go-to place (they are far but their prices are very good).

Does anyone else have your favorites that you can recommend?


For the past 7 years, I’ve been buying all my meat in Toronto at Sanagan’s or Fiesta Farms.

Vince Gasparro’s looks good, but Sanagan’s is more convenient for me.


Well if you aren’t looking for dry aged then Costco for the win. I buy the Canadian prime rated steaks from them regularly (sometimes USDA prime as well when in stock) can’t top that imo.
Famu is very underrated. Bespoke butcher has good feedback and despite being nearby I have yet to try them. Oliffe is popular for splurge worthy I have only tried them a couple of times. I enjoyed cumbrae a few times as well but now with the downtown location closing down haven’t tried them in ages.
Mine is pretty much Costco for the win