Best Place to Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Manhattan?

I want to start exploring the world of good EVOO that pairs well with bread etc. Is Eataly the best place to go to? Any EVOO recommendations?

I have always enjoyed Fairway’s house brand of olive oil - they have selections from various parts of the world and a tasting bar so you can try before you buy. Very reasonable prices, too.

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+1 for fairway, you can taste them all to make a decision, just don’t expect any knowledgeable employees. Great to find a good size bottle at a good price and really high standards and turnover rate

Olivers and co also is great, they will let you taste as many as you’re interested in and the employees are great and know the product. There’s a really small store in grand central near the grand central market and a store in the w village

I don’t recall there being a way to taste any of the oils at Eataly. If it’s not crazy busy the employees are helpful. I actually was at the vegetable counter and my dish had a delicious olive oil dribbled on top- i asked about it and then bought some. Eataly also has a variety of price points.

We have found Agata & Valentina to be reliable with a good stock of oils. We usually visit the market on 79th & 1st…

Buon Italia in Chelsea Market. They usually rotate 1-2 for tastes. For Spanish oil try Despana. Recently I’ve rediscovered Fairway and like their unfiltered for everyday finishing.

Which EVOO did you get at Eataly? I finally ate in Eataly last week, and I really liked the olive oil served with the bread, and the server said it was COPPINI ARTE Olearia.

That was actually about a year ago, and now the oil is gone and i never wrote down the name…! I would recognize the botttle (also not helpful!) and it was under $40 for a good sized one…

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