Best omakase?


Well, since we don’t have a sushi thread yet…

I just saw this article: They mention ICHI, Zushi Puzzle, Maruya, Kusakabe, Pabu, and Omakase–which I remember the Chronicle liking–as well as longtime favorite Hana in Rohnert Park and the Saison pop-up.

I generally save my sushi splurges for trips to NYC or LA, so it’s been awhile since I’ve had omakase here. What do you all think of the restaurants in the article?

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Pabu has recently upped their game, adding gindara and a cold chawanmushi to their omakase. They are also much easier to get into than kusakabe, and have more Ala carte and beverage options (I like the house tofu, karaage, wagyu skewer, ribs on sunday.) But they are still less creative than kusakabe. Omakase (restaurant ) was boring and overpriced, more about the decor than the food. Haven’t been to Maruya since their previous chefs left. Not impressed by ichi. Did not try the saison popup while it was ongoing, not sure what the article meant by “cult following” of the sushi chef while he was at Hamano, a bit of overhype perhaps. NYC still your best option.

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Well, going to the restaurant Omakase in a couple of weeks, so I’ll report back.

We often order omakase, whether there is a formal tasting menu or not – we just ask the chef to “make dinner.” We have loved and prefer both Akiko’s and Wako – though both very different from one another – to Zushi Puzzle, which I enjoyed very much. Can’t speak to the others, as I haven’t been (though my wife’s been to Kusakabe and said we have to go) . . .

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Nori Kusakabe did a private dinner for Obama when he was in town a couple weeks ago. Their omakase, which changes often, is currently very interesting (check out the soft shell turtle)


On that list I’ve only been to Kusakabe, which was excellent. It’s not all sushi as there are some cooked dishes and sashimi as well ("kaiseki style sushi”). The one piece that really stood out to me was the saba, which I usually am not a huge fan of but at Kusakabe was very savory and delicious.

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i like the iwashi at Kusakabe (and all the kaiseki courses, and the corn ice cream)


Whoops, I misidentified and can’t edit my post anymore - the bonito nigiri was the one that really stood out and that I’m usually not a fan of, not the saba which I don’t think we had.

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oh yes, i think that one is lightly smoked iirc

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Pabu said they will have nodoguro tues next week, which I haven’t had since last visiting japan


Thank you for educating me.