Best New Restaurants in Texas - per Texas Monthly

Patricia Sharpe’s latest list covering through 11/15

Helen tops the list, 2 others from Houston, 4 from Austin, 2 from Dallas, one from Fort Worth, plus honorable mentions.

Culture Map’s take on the list.

Reactions probably to follow from the Press, Houstonia and Alison Cooke.

Helen is closed on Mondays as are so many local eateries. So yesterday when I wanted Greek fare, I ended up at Theo’s for lunch. They are remodeling and have only one small room in operation. It satisfied the craving, but John the waiter was not there and I wonder if it was a day off or if he’s elsewhere now. He’s been a fixture in Houston for at least 30 years, formerly at Bibas, where I first met him. Last I saw, he was at Theo’s, remarking disdainfully about Brooks Bros. attire. Anyone know where he is?

John the Greek

Anyhoo, I was puzzled to see a cluster of Greek on this corner of Westheimer and Montrose. Aladdin is right next to Theo’s, and Niko Niko is just across Montrose. Seems an odd location for those who chose last.

Seems to me I remember reading John left Theo’s after the last ownership change but I can’t remember where he was headed. He may be somewhere else in the Montrose/Midtown area. I looked through 2 pages of Theo’s reviews on Yelp going back to 2014 and didn’t see any mention of him.

Didn’t realize Alladin is considered Greek. I’ve only been once.

Ever been to Al’s Quick Stop on Waugh? Just a few tables in an old convenience store with Greek, Mediterranean and Tex Mex fare. Good gyros. I haven’t been to Myth (Greek) on the SE side of downtown in a year and they’re moving downtown so will probably be inaccessible.

Given the usual lines at Niko Nikos, I suspect they’re counting on serving the the overflow.

If they’re any good at all, it might be a smart move.

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Yes, you are correct. Aladdin is more generally Mediterranean, though they have many of the same menu items. I googled John, and found an article about him dated 2012 saying he was at Byzantio Cafe, a new name to me and a Greek eatery and nightclub.

I might have to check it out, the food looks good.

Byzantio Cafe & Bar

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Wow. Yes it does look good. I’ve heard that name before and driven by but just not in that part of town much and it slips from my mind. I think that’s the place Theo’s was before moving down on Westheimer, when it was called Bibas?

Let us know if you go.

You know I haven’t but I’ve heard good things. I’ve been to Rudyard’s next door several times. Surprisingly good cooks in the back at lunch time.

I’m just the opposite - heard about Rudyard’s for years and never been.