Best Nachos in Westchester/Putnam

A friend brought this topic up recently and I chimed in with a few favorites: Bridgeview Tavern (with their house-smoked pulled pork) in Sleepy Hollow, Gordo’s in Hawthorne, and Birdsall House in Peekskill make deliciously memorable nachos. I know there’s more yummy nacho-ness out there! Any suggestions?

I have passed this place more times than I can even remember. What’s it like?

Gordo’s is great. A local pub with a loyal following -very no frills. Its floors are creaky and the interior very 70s-like. I love it. Squires in Briarcliff has a similar feel. Of what I know, the only renovation they’ve recently done is the sign outside. Besides the nachos, I often get the French onion soup. The cheeseburgers are good too.

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