Best museum food in NYC...

Well that’s great to know thank you for sharing.
I prefer the NYBG but the food has been abysmal.
I could not understand why or how the Brooklyn Botanic
garden food was so very much better.

My favorite part of going to the botanical gardens in brooklyn is then going to ample hills for ice cream in the area afterwards! Aka big ice cream = lunch day :smile:


Trying again
Ttrockwood…I posted a response last night but it kept duplicating???
Are you kidding me with that pretzel cone…I would go to Brooklyn for that
lord have mercy!!!
I lifted this pic

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What i get most excited about is that they actually have fabulous non dairy flavors too! (Like more than just one choice!) so yeah, i do the double scoop pretzel cone for lunch :yum::yum::yum:


There is a restaurant planned for the lower level of Met Breuer, but as far as I know it has not yet opened. I did notice on the web site that Blue Bottle coffee has an outpost on the 5th floor.
So far I have only seen the lobby, but want to spend more time. I always loved that building and brutalist architecture in general.

Before the Whitney moved it housed Untitled, the Danny Meyer concept. They moved to lower Manhattan together. I also hope the Met Breuer finds a good eating place for that lower level…

Another recent visit to the beautiful New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx brought me to their Greenmarket, held every Wednesday. There is no charge to visit and shop. Also, Frida’s Taco Truck is there too, a holdover from the recent Frida Kalo art exhibit. It is tasty, and now there is seating all around.


The MET is open till 8 pm on Fridays thru the fall, and they are promoting cocktails on their popular rooftop. Apparently, there are also wine tastings at The MET Cloisters. You can check online…
Has anyone tried Trie Café at the Cloisters. There was another more formal restaurant on the grounds a while back, too. It always garnered good ratings. Is it still there?

I’ve been for drinks on the roof of the met a number of times- they are terrible. I’m certainly not asking for much but the small plastic cup of watery rum and coke for $$$ was a big disappointment. And IIRC the wine offered is something like “red” or “white”…
Just too many better options elsewhere

Now drinks at the MOMA in the modern restaurant bar (for just a few dollars more) are excellent and look out to the sculpture garden. It gets very busy with after work crowd so early evening is ideal

You are right, Trockwood. Such a stunning setting, yet management can’t seem to set up the proper food & beverage program for the site. Go figure…
Yes, MOMA does shine in that regard.

Just to note that at MoMA, The Modern Dining Room and Bar Room are closed until sometime in September. They are completely renovating the kitchen plus making some other changes.

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Eater is reporting that the team behind Estela, the popular spot in lower Manhattan, have been chosen to bring their food service to the new Met Breuer on 75th Street on the Upper East Side. They will be premiering Flora Coffee and Flora Bar with a vegetable/fish centric menu. Sounds like a good addition to the Breuer which up to now has had no restaurant…

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The Members Dining Room at The Met is serving a White Truffle Tasting Menu on Friday and Saturday nights thru Nov. 26th. Cost is $115 per person; a $65 wine pairing is also available. It does sound inviting. What do you think?

I am hearing good things about the restaurant in the New York Historical Society building: ‘Storico’. Anyone been?

The New York Times is reporting good sticky buns being served by Flora Coffee at The Met Breuer these days…

Flora Bar at the Met Breuer just received 2-Stars from Pete Wells at the New York Times. And his descriptions sound enticing. This may be the best museum kitchen around right now…looking forward to another visit.

Chocolatier Jacques Torres has teamed with chocolate aficionado Eddy Van Belle in the opening of New York’s first Chocolate Museum in SoHo. It is located at Chef Torres’ existing factory and shop on Hudson Street. Not only will visitors learn about the history of chocolate, but there will be plenty of tastings to go around.
Will probably check it out this spring (with my granddaughter in mind)…

Ha! Sounds like fun for the granddaughter. If it’s warm enough the ice cream is good, the large chocolate chip cookies are really what to get though.

Maybe not the best but the most appreciated museum food I’ve had in NYC was the momo platter at the Rubin Museum of Art. Great little museum, too, if you are into Asian cultures.