Best moderate priced Indian and/or Hakka for first timers (NYC)

For folks visiting next week from FL… never been to NYC nor eaten Indian before, seeking best food for the buck, non vegetarian, broader menu…


For moderately priced Indian, I would recommend Haldi, located in Manhattan along the stretch of Lexington Ave. known as “Curry Hill.” Michelin-starred Chef Hemant Mathur, previously chef/owner of upscale Devi and Tulsi, is in charge of Haldi’s menu. (He’s executive chef and partner there as well as at 5 other Indian restaurants in that group.) The food is well-prepared and very tasty. Hemant is a tandoor master, so his famous tandoor grilled lamb chops are not to be missed! Good service and pleasant ambiance. You can see photos sets of the meals we’ve had at Haldi here and here

If your visitors would be o.k with a much more expensive/upscale restaurant, I highly recommend Indian Accent. Opened recently in Midtown, it’s the NYC sibling with the same name and chef in New Dehli. Chef Manish Mehrotra’s contemporary cuisine enhanced with Indian flavors is outstanding. Cordial and polished service. Lovely ambiance. The photo set of our dinner at Indian Accent is here.

My thinking is that while they might be able to find something similar to Haldi in Florida, they will definitely not find anything like Indian Accent there.

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Thanks very much for the intel.

+1 for Haldi (and since you’re visiting plan to go to the amazing nearby Kalystuan’s market- basically any spice, condiment, or rice you can imagine.)

I’ve also really enjoyed malai marke, incidentally the same chef yet different menu


Thanks, passing on all the intel; I’m told Haldi is the finalist. :slight_smile:

That Malai Marke menu just made my short list, too.

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