Best Market coming to Hartsdale, NY

Mrs Green’s on Central Ave is closing, to be replaced by Best Market (based on L.I.).
Has anyone been to a Best Market? What are they like? TIA.

My Best Market here on Long Island is the main place I food shop. The one by me is small and not all bright and shiny, but they have the best (haha) prices on almost everything. Although…the last week or so they don’t seem as rock quite as rockbottom as usual. Hopefully with all the new purchases they just need a temporary cash flow?

They have tons of unusual and imported items, their dairy and eggs are always the freshest, and their bakery carries a lot of items that come in from the city on a daily basis. I rarely shop elsewhere; our Waldbaums was a couple of minutes away but if I went there once a month that was a lot.

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I agree with your assesment of the store.
I try to get over to the store in Hartsdale as often as possible.
It too is neither bright or shiny.

They have many items I have not seen anywhere else,
I like taking my time to browse The Isles
The prices on meat are lower than anyplace else in the area,
I have been happy with everything I have purchased so far.

The only negative is their produce … it is just terrible at this
location. I am a little concerned that they are beginning to
cut out some of the more interesting products due to low demand
The store is rarely crowded … except for when you get to the check out lines :frowning:

I was just at Epsteins but didn’t go into Best. I have not heard great things about it so I didn’t bother. Should I next time?

Their produce has always seemed straight from the field, i.e. you do have to allow time to clean it well. But the quality has never seemed off to me, and never waxed either.

I went yesterday for their figs ($3.99), they were nowhere to be seen, but hey…I should have gone over the weekend when the sale started, I guess.

I think the Best Market in Hartsdale is terrible. Quality of items, prices, etc. Went in once when it had been opened for awhile and won’t go back again. One of the few times I have been this turned off by a new store. There are old, filthy stores that I would rather shop at.

Dirty I don’t mind … most of the stuff here just looks old

lol … the “filth” doesn’t bother me.
I’d rather it be where I can see it

Why not… it would take a couple of minutes, no?

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I didn’t like the store at all, and after eating an oddball fruit whose seed was possibly poisonous - it wasn’t - being given out by a dim-bulb who didn’t warn anybody and didn’t have a sign anywhere , I don’t think I’ll be going back.

But I bet you already knew that.

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Has the Best Market on Central Ave., Hartsdale closed? Heard it went dark from a friend in the area…

was just there a couple of days ago and all looked fine. I used to avoid it after negative experiences shortly after they opened, but tried it again a few weeks ago when in the area and traveling to another market for one or two common things was just too much effort. My recent visits have been fine for various things. My major food shop problem is that to get all the things I like I must visit several different markets, so I end up making some compromises for convenience. Best Foods will never be my number one regular choice, but
I can certainly deal with them when they are geographically handy.

Tried calling the store directly but to no avail…

Yes, they have closed (as of Sept 7.). I must have been in there only a few days prior and saw no signs of this. In fact, there was a sign in the window celebrating a 20th anniversary of the company’s operation.

At least it wasn’t a sign “now hiring”

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That’s too bad. I never bought a lot of stuff there but generally stopped in when I went to H-Mart. Their produce prices were very good.

That spot seems like it’s been jinxed ever since Turco’s left.

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The Hartsdale store had some items that you just didn’t see anywhere else, but the Holmdel NJ store
carries products that would have been a better fit for Hartsdale.
They did have great prices on produce in Hartsdale, but it never looked good. The Holmdel, NJ
store also has better looking produce. I enjoyed shopping at the Hartsdale store regardless.

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