Best malai kofta in Manhattan?

Hi all,

My partner and I are visiting from SF and have a lot of trouble finding good malai kofta iback home. Do you all have any recommendations for great malai kofta in Manhattan?


I cant vouch for quality on either of these, as I haven’t been. However, according to their web sites, both have malai kofta on their menus.

What do you consider good Malai kofta?

In India I would expect soft paneer koftas in a rich, sweet, white gravy. Elsewhere, the koftas might be mixed vegetables, the gravy might be tomato.

Most of the usual suspects I’d have recommended (mid-range, North Indian specialists) don’t seem to have it on the menu.

Utsav does, and is reliable for india-style North Indian food, so maybe that’s an option.

Bhatti has Anjeer Malai kofta — ie it with dried figs — so up to you whether that fits the bill.

(The last person I knew who ate Malai kofta was my grandmother, so this was a nice reminder of her.)


Thanks for the recs – will report back with whatever I learn.