Best Indian Pizza? [ SF ]

I have some friends visiting from out of town ( long story ), and I was thinking of doing some take-out indian pizza.

I see that the landscape has changed. Zante’s moved south ( to about 29th ), and the old Zante’s location on 16th is now Alhamra.

Which is better? We’re getting take-out so service / atmosphere doesn’t matter.

Looking at the menu, Zante’s seems to have more choice in pies, and we’ll have a bunch of people, so having more of a selection would be good.

I’m embarrassed to say I had no idea Alhamra did pizza!

Zante’s can be a bit flakey with delivery, so takeout is a wise choice. Are you getting a whole pie or slices? I think the latter is only available after 5pm

Sounds like you always do zantes too. I will now assume they are the better tasting. Thanks for the warning.

Zante’s has been at the same spot on Mission St since they first opened in the 1980s. I think you’re mixing them up with something else.

I’ve been living around the corner from the Mission @ Cortland Zante’s for 16 years and I don’t recall a 16th St. location (though I could be mis-remembering whether there was a 2nd location). I once got a slice of the tikka masala pizza and there was a stray chicken bone on it. Never went back.

mid 90’s? I don’t think my memory’s wrong about that.

Down at the metal shop, it’s the most common evening order if there are a lot of people around. I like it, and it’s different.

If you had a bone, that sounds authentic! ( 1/2 kidding )

Indeed! Acknowledging how wrong that bone was, at least it was from the proper meat. In Rome my husband ordered the house specialty, roast baby goat. During the meal, he handed me a splinter bone, obviously from a turkey drumstick. I signaled our waiter and showed him the bone, telling him in Italian that it was from a turkey. He blanched and tried to take the bone. No, no no. Please bring me the menu. No turkey on the menu. The manager was suddenly at our table with a new plate with…roast baby goat. Although this place came very well recommended from friends who had lived around the corner for years, and after we had enjoyed many fine meals there, we obviously never returned.

I have to confess that one reason I don’t go there is that the owner is such an obnoxious blowhard.