Best Indian Food in US Is in NJ

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Could have been a far more valuable article on the Indian culture that exists in NJ was not solely focused on a city closest to NYC. Something NY based writers often fail to see when writing about NJ’s food scene.


Suuuch good Indian food in Iselin, Jersey. Love the Dosa @ Volga but according to Google they’re closed for good.


Keenly observed.

After the pandemic is in the world’s rear view mirror, I want to explore some of the Indian food in NJ. We don’t have nearly the same riches in MA, I understand.


What @Rooster said.

Also, the premise is sadly not true.

Much NJ indian food has been adapted to suit the palates of the immigrants who make up the population there - who emigrated in the 60s/70s.

There is “fresher” / more “authentic” food to be found both in queens (more recent immigrants still) and across the country in the Bay Area (tech…).

Not knocking down jersey city, but the article title is just click-bait.


What is the matter with traditional Indian food from the 60s/70s? I’m still happy to eat classic French cuisine from 100 years ago. I’ve had “fresh” Indian food in India and London and it was pretty disappointing.


Absolutely nothing. You misunderstood my comment.

The food has adapted to the palates of those people. So it’s not “traditional indian food” - that was my point. It’s often sweeter, milder or spicier in off ways. or otherwise adapted.


Completely agree. Not taking anything away from Jersey City, but the Edison/Iselin corridor has a far bigger and (I think) more diverse selection of stores AND restaurants!


When we moved to N J in the late 1970s, there was one Indian restaurant in Fords, and then nothing else this side of NYC. Boy, how things have changed!

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As does the Brunswick area of NJ.

Maplewood had a few.

For a while, when they were making the old-style lamb chops, Aarzu in Freehold was every bit as good as the old Devi used to be in NYC. Best of the best.

Admittedly I just skimmed the article, but no mention of Edison? That’s a crime.

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What do you mean by “when they were making the old-style lamb chops???”

I had them over the summer and they were not the same.

This is NOT good news.

I got takeout from Aarzu today and it was very good. I was looking for the lamb chops but they weren’t on the menu. Last time I saw, maybe a few weeks ago, the price was $30 and I think it was considered an appetizer.

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That sounds about right, and they were always an app… I think maybe they were $26 the last time I was there, but that was pre-pandemic. I REAAALLY hope they haven’t change the recipe, though.

$30 for something not even a main course doesn’t sound too appetizing to me! :slight_smile:

But. An order of those with some eggplant chaat is a meal as far as I’m concerned!