Best healthy-ish dinner near Montclair?

Hi, I’m driving from Brooklyn to Montclair to see a play next weekend, and want to eat someplace interesting. Doesn’t have to be right in Montclair - I’m willing to go a bit out of the way for great food. Tend to like Thai and Italian best, but have to avoid meat and dairy for health reasons, so restaurants can be tough. Any ideas? Thanks!

I am a Montclair ex-pat. I seldom ate in Montclair - I like to park. This is in Verona and is just a skip up Bloomfield Avenue. When I’m back in the area, I go here.

Thanks. That looks pretty good, although I was hoping for more vegetarian options.

You might want to consider Fascino. Though I’ve never dined there, it has always been praised by those who have. In addition to the a la carte menu, there is a 3-course vegetarian prix-fixe for $48. (There is a notation that all the dishes on the prix-fixe can be ordered a la carte.)

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Both of these are good options and my veg friends like them…I’m particularly fond of Villalobos.



ETA that if you’re going to see a play in Montclair, parking ONCE is preferable!

HIGHLY recommend Mesob - it’s Ethiopian of the finest quality. I’ve taken dozens of people there and have gotten uniform raves. Every dish well done and the injera - the spongy bread that is food, plate and utensil at the same time - is perfect every time. You could EASILY do vegetarian or just shrimp and I don’t think there’s ANY dairy except in desserts. It’s on Bloomfield Avenue so yeah parking can be a PITA but right “below” Bloomfield - make a left on park and and immediate right at the corner of Bloomfield and Park - is a city parking lot that will be largely empty at night and you can park and look for a flight of stairs that will take you right up to Bloomfield and make a right and Mesob will be a couple hundred feet away.

@cathyeats Where did you end up?

Thanks for asking, Curlz, and thanks for the ideas, everyone. I’m actually going this weekend, and it’s still a bit in flux. Since we’re going to a play, our time might be a bit short for something like Fascino. I loved the Ethiopian idea but my friends kind of want Thai food. How is The Thai Elephant?

Sorry but I don’t know the Thai Elephant…a quick Google shows it’s in Verona, which is the next town over from Montclair. And good call on Ethiopian–it’s terrific but that’s not a place I’ve ever been in/out of quickly!

I’d strongly recommend you park near wherever the play is (telling us may help) bc downtown is a ZOO on the weekends. If the play is at Montclair State you could eat elsewhere and then go.

Yes, the play is at Montclair State. If you haven’t seen anything directed by Castellucci, I highly recommend it – super over the top and crazy:

Thx! I’ll have a look. If you’re going to MSU your options are better… I’ll add a rec for excellent Szechuan 10 mins away in Wayne at Chengdu 23…it’s in the West Belt Mall w Home Goods.

Can’t help w Thai, though…sorry!