Best Fried Chicken in Houston?

:yum: I was, ahem, never a customer at either of those! The first Frenchy’s I can remember was on Shepherd, just south of Alabama, but I can’t put a time to it. I went to work in Montrose from 83-95 but I think it was before that. I loved the greens - they were a revelation to me. My mom added sugar to greens and I couldn’t stand them. My dad had to add vinegar (we never had Pik-a-Pepper (?) sauce) - I think he had to have both the sugar and the vinegar to choke 'em down. I loved the the pot likker in Frenchy’s greens.

I heard of Henderson’s but never got over there until it was closed.

I remember Ron’s Crispy Fried Chicken, before Frenchy’s and before Popeye’s; I think they were bought out by Church’s. We called it Ron’s Crispy Critters because you sometimes couldn’t easily identify which part of the chicken you were eating from the shape.

I have never cared for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I wonder why Frenchy’s has always had so much trouble with consistency at the franchise/satellite locations? Maybe they just don’t have a good training program or enough control over their franchisees?

I was, ahem, a guest at the Scott/610 location post '75 around midnight on a Saturday night when an older guest staggered in with a box of bones claiming he’d been ripped off.

He was quickly shown the door by the shotgun toting security guard.

I frequented the Shepherd location and the chicken was always delicious and got a tray of beans and rice with andouille for the office Christmas pot luck circa 1990 and it was well received.

Henderson’s was worth the drive, and while it didn’t have the seasoning of Frenchy’s it was good, hot, and tasty.

I loved Ron’s

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I had several issues with computer brain cramping and will resume tomorrow.

Connectivity Issues here. Seems to be cleared up.

Well @jcostiones - should have known too good to be true for me. Daughter has had sudden emergency work event requirement and needs her handy standby babysitter. C’est moi. So no Monument Inn for me this Saturday.

But I hope we can all arrange another meet-up sometime soon.

Not only is Katy Asian Town looking fabulous with several ‘first in Texas’ eateries (Japan’s ‘Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs’ for example), but word has come that another Asian-themed mall is also on the way!

Jaymes I created a thread for you explaining why we might not be there Saturday. Check it out.

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The original, Richmond Ave. location has closed. I remember Lambowner had a less than satisfactory experience there and I haven’t been back. The second location in the Heights is still open. It’s not clear if the chef who started this concept with grandiose plans is still associated - I didn’t see his name mentioned on the website and I’ve seen him mentioned in connection with a new concept at one of those food court things opening downtown.

I’ve been to Luby’s a couple of times in the last few week’s getting my rectangular fish/tartar sauce fix, both spectacular and a few bucks less a hunk.

I noticed no fried chicken quarters but they said they’ll cook them to order, right up my alley.

The chicken there is really good.


How about 140 miles one way?

We take little roadies for food particularly fried chicken and a few years ago we went to one of our favorite places in Brenham but it had turned into a Chinese place.

The next town was Giddings and while they had a Golden Chick I saw a sign for San Marcos 70 miles where I used to stay in the late 70’s in the summer while my brother was in school.

They have a Gil’s Fried Chicken there and while it wasn’t the chicken nirvana I remember it still was quite good.

We spent the night and the Wifeacita got to spend a little time at the outlet mall.

A note to anybody wanting to visit San Marcos don’t do it unless you just have to visit the outlets.

I-35 is chain restaurant hell with every bad one in the country represented.

The population has tripled since the 70’s and in town traffic is gridlock.


I got a lot done today and decided to treat myself to take-out from Himalaya. I haven’t had the fried chicken in a long time. This time it came with flattened breasts cooked like CFC. I also got my favorite dish, the Hara Masala. Pretty heavenly late lunch. This batch of chicken was overall a little different that my last trip, maybe less spicy, but still good.



It’s actually identifies as “Memphis Chicken.” I finally made it there myself, and I must say, I liked it. A lot. The pieces are small, but fresh, never frozen and hormone free. It is cooked to order so we waited for 25 minutes or so for the chicken. We shared an app of okra while we waited.

The okra was good and held together. The chicken sides were the standard baked beans and slaw, the original recipes from the 1950s. Other sides are available if you prefer something else, but for the first time out, I wanted to try what they are most proud of. Both sides were sweet, just shy of “too sweet.” They were good, but I didn’t finish them.

The chicken is remarkably juicy and tender and the crust is thin and crackly, salty and only slightly hot seasoning-wise. The chicken was fresh out of the fryer though and a fork pucture sent out waves of steam. Loved it.

Seat yourself, but order from a waiter. Kitchen folk deliver the food hot on styrofoam plates. Plastic utensils and unlimited napkins are provided. Pay your server. This is definitely not fast food, but has elements of such. The tea is $2.95, you keep the souvenier plastic cup. A two piece dark meat with beans and slaw is a mere $6.95. It’s served on a slice of white bread to catch drippings.

Pie is $4 and includes the old school chess pie, both regular and chocolate among others.

Many beer options, all in cans. Also quart bottles of Bud and Miller :joy::beers: Only one wine option though: Dom Perignon at $300 per bottle! :grinning:

Next time I will order chicken by the piece and try another side. And jalapenos, I didn’t see whole jalapenos until too late, they go together like peanut butter and jelly in my mind.

Kitchen 713 closed, unfortunately. I’m told while the food was great, the service started off terrible and never improved. Too bad.

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Small pieces not roid rage chicken, we’re in, cooked to order, we’re definitely in, we don’t mind waiting for good food, I guess it’s a generational thing.

When did you go and was it crowded? I have to get past the lunacy of Thanksgiving and very black Friday before I can think about it.

Lunch yesterday, arriving about 12:20. Every table was full but only one group had to wait while we were there because they had to make a bigger table for them. The tables are 4/2. Still, I would say go a little early or late to be safe. Weekends could be different.

I don’t know if these two new ( to me) additions are the best, but I think it’s wise to test them out:

Kenny & Ziggy’s serves matzo crumb coated fried chicken in the summer time only.

Meanwhile, over in the BBQ vector, Gatlin’s now has fried chicken Fridays! That’s today, y’all.


I’d bet Mr. Gruber fries a helluva chicken but I’ll never know.

I cannot walk into K&Z’s and walk out with anything but a belly full of corned beef or pastrami.

Maybe a little of some of the best potato salad in the world. (Sorry mom!)

As for Gatlin’s, unless it’s changed drastically, it takes forever to get food that’s already cooked, (BBQ). I can’t imagine the wait for fried chicken.

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It looks good though!


Reviving this one from olden times, because we can always stand a friendly discussion of fried chicken, right?

When I first saw the article below I thought it was just some local fluff piece but it turns out it was part of an Eater National survey. Nothing new here, perhaps, for locals, but I found the explanation on the technique used at Himalaya to be verrry innaresting.

Anybody got observations, comments, new discoveries to add???

Gatlin’s mentioned up-thread, has opened Fin and Feathers with, ahem, fried chicken on the menu daily.

Shaq’s Fried Chicken Shack (why didn’t they use that name?) is coming to Westchase.

And Bojangles?

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Here is Eater Houston’s follow-up article, an updated version of one posted above by Jaymes.