Best French fries in Boston area?

What are some of your favorite fries in Boston? I have had some fine ones, but none that were amazing. I’d be interested in any style of fries, but my personal favorite are those extra-crispy ones that seem to be lightly breaded.


Great topic, I am terrified to know the answers. :smile:

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I’ll take a stab - Met Bar and Grill at the Natick Collection. But the fries at Tip Top Cafe in White River Junction, VT, are better.

For my money I really like the “trainwreck” fries at the Ashmont Grille in Dorchester. I also really, really like the fries at The Fat Cat in Quincy Center. Fifteen minutes from Boston with no traffic (HA!). There are more, but these are standouts.

It’s been a looooong time since I went, but I used to like the R.F. O’Sullivan’s fries.

(Hmmm, it’s also been a while since I had a burger. in general Maybe it’s time for a separate thread on that, since it’s been a year since Boston Burger blog updated.)

They weren’t technically FF (and they aren’t the same anymore) but Brewer’s tap and table in waltham had the most amazing patatas bravas. The original chef isn’t there anymore and they aren’t the same anymore. So fluffy on the inside and so crispy on the outside. I miss them.

I love patatas bravas. The last ones I had were at Dali over a year ago and they were not good at all. I’d love any suggestions.

The fries as Saus are very good. Brasserie Jo, Eastern Standard, The Druid. All Star Sandwich Bar were good before the change in ownership, not sure now.

Toro does a decent version. I thought the patatas bravas we recently had at Barcelona were pretty subpar.

I forgot About Brasserie Jo. Love their fries!
Enjoyed Many Times,

Mine used to be River Gods’. :sob:

These days, we’re mostly 'burb diners. The ones at Battle Road brewery are always excellent, a little spicy. I need to try the ones at Commune Kitchen.

Those breaded ones read too Sysco to me but done well, they can be tasty.

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toro it is, I think! hope we can get there. thanks.

I know my husband had some that were very lightly coated recently. I think it was at Glass House in the Kendall area of Cambridge. They were crispy and well-seasoned and didn’t seem to be Sysco.( I’m a purist, though, and like mine plain.)

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Try Winter Hill Brewery. They do add a parm and rosemary topping, which you can ask to have left off, but the fries are nice and thin and crispy. Not breaded- I know what you mean and love those too. My favorite in that category used to be Gargoyle’s which were waffle cut and lightly spiced/breaded. Miss that place. Also Delicious in Davis had breaded/spiced curly fries which instantly transported me back to county fairs in the Northeast Kingdom circa 1989.


The first time I went to Boston, my sister took me to Kelly’s (?) on Revere Beach for a lobster roll. Which was fantastic but accompanied by some of the worst fries I’ve ever had. Since they were so bad most of the patrons were feeding them to a collection of very obese seagulls.

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