Best food deals in NJ (not restaurant)

1.67 London Broil is HOT HOT HOT!! Looks like I’m gonna be eating roast beef for a while.

Thanks Dan - that’s about the going rate although I’m unsure what ‘Planifolia’ vanilla beans are. I’m going to have to look that up. Actually, I got lucky & scored a pound of weed - no wait, not weed - Madagascar Bourbon beans for $125.

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TAHITIAN beans we buy. I’m not sure what the other is either. $125 is a very good price. The quality of this seller is outstanding. My wife only orders 2-3 times a year.

Going rate for that many beans to the 1/8 lb. is much higher in our immediate area and the pods are tiny and sort of dry usually. We decided to buy online because of the weak availability locally.

If you have a local source at a very reasonable price you are fortunate.

Tell me about Net Cost. What kind of store is it? What would make it worthwhile for me to drive at least 1/2 hour for it? Thanks for any info.

@Susieqq3 A bit more info near the bottom of this thread

Small & dry are not primo beans for sure.

I have only been to Net Cost three times. I would classify it as a specialty market for Eastern European food stuffs. They carry fresh produce, jarred foods, prepared foods, deli, fish, dairy, bakery, packaged foods, frozen foods and a small but intetesting cheese section. I find the best value in the freezer and bakery but sales exist in every aisle. The first time my wife and I shopped there we explored every aisle just to get a sense of selection and prices. I have never seen so many different types of honey in one store. The honey cake we just purchased was very good; sold by the lb. You do need to check expiration dates and I think some of the produce is over priced while things like pickles, olives, bread and dairy are very reasonable. The prepared foods are fascinating; warm trays filled with all sorts of savory dinner entrees and cold salads galore. I’m skipping over the European chocolates and candies, the tea and coffee, the spices and floral dept…for now.

Net Cost has a small seating area to enjoy the prepared foods in the moment.

We drive 25 mins. without traffic from home and my wife said this weekend Net Cost is a part of our shopping rotation!

Thanks seal and Rooster, Sounds like an interesting place.

Is there an Aldi other than the one on 36 & 71 in W. Long Branch?

There’s one on RT 18 in East Brunswick in the shopping center where Pathmark used to be (but not in the old Pathmark).


Route 70 and Van Zile in Brick
Route 35 in Neptune

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The one on 35 and Corlies is diagonal from the WaWa.

One in Hazlet on 35 across from the kmart, which I think went under.

I know exactly where you mean. Every time I drive by an Aldi I think I should stop in but I never have. This thread has inspired me.

I also think there’s an Aldi on Route 9 somewhere around the Howell/Lakewood border.

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Aldi eggs are .99 a dozen, limit six this week. I was just at the Hazlet location today.

Don’t get too excited lol. It has some cheap stuff for sure though. I don’t get meat there but I like their fried shrimp cooked up in my toaster oven.

Wow…good price. Lately my uncle and I have been cooking up some huge pans of fried rice with lots of egg.

Purchased several months ago in a NY Aldi on the NJ side of the bridge
$2.49 for 3 oz, I liked the packaging it was easy to remove the ham without it tearing.
It was on the mild side but was perfect for what I was doing with it. The individual packages
had a pretty substantial variation in texture and color.


One just opened in EB a month ago or so. I didn’t really like it the one time I visited, it seemed like an odd store with very limited selections. I just did a quick walk through, will have to revisit. I noted in their flyer last week that they had black angus steaks on sale for what seemed like a good price.