Best "fancy" restaurant in Monmouth county, nj

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Was the owner in jeans and a sports coat working the floor? Did he offer to upgrade to a premium sound system you purchased the extended warranty? (that was honestly my impression was more used car salesman than restaurateur.)

I will side with the waiter on the filet mignon issue though, always better to under than over cook any steak. Once you get into medium well on a filet you are pretty much destroying the steak so I can completely understand. The service was certainly good on each of my visits.

Just out of curiosity, there used to be an Asian woman who was either a manager or maitre d’ during the Peter’s and Burke’s ownership, I haven’t seen her since the new owners took over. I assume the closure was too long for her to wait out a new owner and she moved on. Too bad she was excellent on the floor.


LOL! I didn’t see anyone fitting the jeans/sport coat combo!

I see where the waiter was coming from, but if the customer insists that they like their steaks on the more done side without pink, I would think you would take their word on it. But yeah I’m sure they hear it a lot and end up tossing over cooked steaks.

I didn’t see anyone Asian working (or eating for that matter!).


Yes all servers are trained to “order” a filet on the rare end of the spectrum. You can’t go back and fix it once it is cooked. And with little fat, over cooking a filet can easily ruin it. I know I’m preaching to the choir :slight_smile:

Jr have you seen Christian lately? I haven’t in a while. He lives right near me.


Hmmm…no clue what this fish could be. Let me investigate

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Negative. My last time running into him was at Shrewsbury Car Wash, shortly after my first experience at the new Fromagerie and I told him how let down I was. He said I wasn’t the first to tell him that, we talked about his dad for a few, that was it.

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As a schoolteacher, I understand grade inflation, but anything above a C is unearned :grin:

At that price point I am expecting much more.