Best dumplings in SF proper

Who has the best dumplings in San Francisco these days?

I’m mostly looking for Northern-style boiled or pan-fried dumplings, but would also be interested in xiao long bao or shen jian bao or other types of dumplings.

I’ll likely be going to either House of Pancakes on Taraval or to China North on Noriega with some friends this weekend, but I might suggest elsewhere if there’s somewhere new and/or better.

Prefer Richmond/Sunset or the west side of the city (as opposed to Chinatown) but would like to hear about anything.

Can’t comment on boiled dumplings in SF proper (I remember some I really liked at Hong Kong east ocean in Emeryville ) but I like the shen jian bao at Shanghai House on balboa in sf.

I think it was @Souperman who clued me into the fish dumplings at San Dong Best on Geary, which I keep in my freezer along with their pork dumplings. Those are all tops, but I haven’t tried any of their other dishes in house.

If it is a Sunday, the panfried Shandong dumplings at Happy Dumplings in the stones town farmers market are different and fantastic.

@barleywino , those SJB you ate look fantastic


Those are Tianjin dumplings at Happy Dumplings. I like them too. Sort of a cross between pot stickers and sheng jian bao.

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