Best dim sum on Clement?

Walking about on Saturday, so many choices. Your recommendations please. Thanking you.

House of Banquet on Clement at 10th has been our go-to for probably five years. Everything we have there is very, very good. Ask for the eggplant stuffed with shrimp paste. It doesn’t always come around on the carts. Here’s an old post (from you-know-where) with pix.

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Good Luck dim sum (btwn 8th and 9th) has good take out. They do have some tables, but you order at the counter. My favorites are the shrimp dumplings, fun kor and pan fried leek/shrimp dumplings.
Wing Lee (corner of 6th) has good pot stickers if they’re warm. Sometimes they have cold ones that aren’t so good. I also like their jook. It’s really thick and has a fair amount of stuff in it. Maybe that’s not “authentic.” I don’t know, but it’s tasty.


While I walk this street several times a week, and dim sum are our frequent “errand-running take-out”, I pay attention to few names. We just follow our usual rat-track. Wing Lee and Good Luck are favorites. At Wing Lee, our granddaughter loves the lemon custard filled moon-shaped steamed cakes. The mushroom chow mein at Good Luck has a nice smoky element I like. Also, there is a good dumpling shop on the south side of the street between the two, several dumpling makers working in the window and decent soup dumplings. Also on the south side of the street, just east of Walgreen’s is a shop that offers good shrimp, scallop and scallop-and-shrimp dumplings.

Several weeks ago, some friends from Britain were here and we spent a morning cruising both sides of the street, buying what was irresistible, sitting at table several times and munching on the street in between.

Off topic but same neighborhood, Little Vietnam Cafe around the corner on 6th Avenue has some of the best Viet sandwiches we’ve had, as well as an array of spring rolls. Our go-to for both of these. We like the BBQ pork or chicken or crispy fried fish versions.

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