Best Dim Sum Markham/Richmond Hill

Hi everyone… I’ve got my brother and his son in town from New Brunswick - looking for great dim sum. My family is in a dimsum rut - we were regulars at Skyview Fusion years ago (thanks for the tip Charles!) - but felt it had gone downhill (maybe changed ownership)… So we stopped making the drive, and started eating more locally at Kwan at Yonge and St. Clair… That closed… Then we got lazy, and started just going to Yorkdale to eat at Yu Seafood… I think Yu is great - but it’s a bit pricey - and not what I’m looking to take my brother to…

Any suggestions on Markham/Richmond - particularly interested in best baked pork buns, hargow, cheung Fun, and sticky rice. Thanks for any responses…


Richmond Hill : " Orient Bistro ", 16th Avenue and Vogell.;aggregationId=101&albumid=101&filter=7&ff=723731308

Markham : " Ritzy Palace ", Steeles and Woodbine

Casa Victoria is always consistently good but on the pricey side

Good luck!

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Thanks Charles…