Best Dim Sum in downtown Toronto?

A friend wants to go for Dim Sum tomorrow… I live close to Spadina, so would prefer to go there. I usually go to Rol San because that’s what I know, but I would love to know what this group thinks!

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Rol San has moved. I don’t think they’ve opened the new location yet. Next to Rol San, my favourite place for dim sum is Dim Sum King on Dundas just east of Spadina, 2nd floor.


I haven’t been to any dim sum places in the Dundas Spadina Chinatown other than Rol San in the past 3 years.

I had a good takeout dim sum from Pearl in Queens Quay Terminal last Oct.

There is Sue Fung’s Dim Sum Canteen at 356 College in the space that had been Caplansky’s but it’s never been busy when I’ve walked by. It’s probably more expensive than Rol San.

I had dim sum at Sky Dragon in August 2019, and it had slipped from the quality it had around 2004-2006. They ran into a not too serious DineSafe issue the week after I ate there.

There’s also Lai Wah Heen and Dynasty, for upscale options. I haven’t been to Lai Wah Heen in ages, and it’s been 3.5 years since my last visit to Dynasty.

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“Moon Palace” - Atrium on Bay, Dundas West


Lai Wah Heen’s last service was Feb 26, according to BlogTo. Not clear whether it will re-open under a new owner, or will be replaced with something else.

Would echo Charles’ suggestion for Moon Palace. A bit pricier, but better quality than Rol San.


We didn’t end up going that week-end: will have to try again!

Unfortunately for us, Moon Palace was not better quality than Rol San. It is pricier. The serving portions are huge but definitely lacking in the taste dept. They do gimmicky things like add black truffle but don’t integrate it into the dish as well as Lai Wah Heen. Their XO sauce was pathetic. I visited a month ago. We only ventured there because LWH was closed that day.

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