Best Dim Sum(Cantonese) Restaurant in SF Area

I like Koi Palace very much. Any other good recommendation? Many thanks.

25 views, and no other suggestions? There got to be another good quality Dim Sum restaurant. Hong Kong Mayflower was good, but the last time I was there (2 years ago), I think it has went downhill. Fook Yuan was long gone. I guess Great Eastern Restaurant was ok, maybe?

I like two places in south bay, but they are not as exquisite as Koi.
Lei Garden in Cupertino, a little cheaper than Koi, less choices than Koi, their strength is the sweet dim sum, the salty ones are decent as well, like Sheng Jian Bao is pretty good. Waiting is not bad, in general you have to wait during weekend, like 20 mins around noon. It is a solid choice in silicon valley.
Saigon seafood harbor restaurant in Sunnyvale, much cheaper than koi, pretty decent choices, especially in weekends, price performance ratio is good, so the waiting is very very bad, especially weekends. I like their Xue Shan Bao.

Thanks. These are great. I will remember them the next time I visit the Bay Area.

Was thinking. If price and city weren’t an issue I would have to go with Yank Sing, although I haven’t tried any of the places in the South Bay mentioned by LoveRice. Yank Sing’s dim sum is really polished and always a cut or two above everyone else’s. I didn’t find anything at Koi Palace that was better than at Yank Sing.

the primary reason imo for going to koi palace instead of yank sing would be for the baby pig (which yank sing does not offer, unfortunately). hong kong east ocean (emeryville), peony (oakland), also offer baby pig. unfortunately, for whatever reason, it seems in general to only be available after 11am.

I haven’t been to Yank Sing, but I really should try. I have heard it mentioned many times.

I should be ashamed. I haven’t eaten their baby pig. Just to give you an example. I was in SF about a few months ago (both business and pleasure). I went to Koi every single day for 4 days for Dim Sum and 2 nights for dinner. (I know a bit excessive, but I really like that place). Anyway, even I went there so many times, I have yet tried the pig.

I can’t think of anyplace else in the Bay Area where I’d go for dim sum beyond Koi Palace. (Yank Sing is hit and miss depending on the item.) That’s because almost everybody in SF still uses carts, while the best dim sum in Hong Kong, Vancouver, Toronto and LA are off the menu.

<while the best dim sum in Hong Kong, Vancouver, Toronto and LA are off the menu.>

True, very true, but I don’t think the reason some dim sum restaurants are poorer simply due to carts vs menu. I mean. Fook Yuen was really good in my opinion, and it was a push-cart dims sum restaurant. Hong Kong Mayflower was decent too (not now), and it was a push-cart establishment. Your mileage will be different of course.

I appreciate your inputs.

Yank Sing has better xiao long bao.

strictly speaking quality, koi is definitely better than the two choices in south bay.

I’m curious which dishes you think are hits vs misses at Yank Sing, so I know what to order and what to stay away from.

Off the top of my head, the baked bbq pork buns and pea sprout dumplings are ordinary. Not that they’re bad, but given the premium price you pay, you can get much better much cheaper elsewhere. On the other hand, things like the scallop dumpling and shrimp balls are great.

Cool, I’ve never tried any of those four dishes at Yank Sing, so I’ll have to try the better two next time I go. I really like their steamed chicken bun and also their egg roll (which is such an unlikely candidate but I think most other places just don’t put any effort into their egg rolls).

i like the crispy sea bass roll at Yank Sing (good alternative to the egg roll). seaweed wrapped tofu roll is also worth a try. usually these items need to be ordered (are not included in the carts)

Oh I do miss the seaweed wrapped tofu from Fook Yuen. Thanks for the suggestion. I think just at least go to Yang Sing once.

One of my main concerns for putting off to go Yang Sing is its location. Since it is located in the city, what is the best way to get there? Drive to a local parking lot and then walk over?

How to get there is a hard question, unless you explain where you are coming from, how convenience-centric you are, and how price sensitive you are. The Stevenson St location is only a short walk from montgomery bart. I work a few blocks away - come from the peninsula - and still vacillate between taking my motorcycle, taking my car and finding cheap parking (parkingpanda), taking my car to millbrea and then taking bart, taking the train then taking a bicycle ( I’m a citybikeshare member ), and taking the train and uber. The trade off is always price vs speed and there is no clear winner.

Saigon in Sunnyvale has very good scallop dumpling, inside is seasoned with cilantro and ginger, with very fresh shrimp and chopped scallop, with $4.35 for 3 pieces, it is a great value, I have not tried the one on Yank Sing. This item is worth to visiting Saigon, starting the end of last year, they sold out this item after 2:00pm each time I want to avoid waiting during weekends, in order to beat the crowd and have this dish, I have to go early, like before 10am. They have this dish during weekdays, waiting is better.
Lei garden has very good baked BBQ pork puff, around $4-5 for 3 pieces, the puff part is so delicate and delight.

You should try the pig when you have the chance. They have it during dim sum.

If you are visiting and are simply aiming for the best, Koi is a good bet. The only caveat is, as you may know already, that the line is obscenely long during the weekend, and its in the middle of nowhere in Daly City.

The problem with Koi is that while it is supposedly among the better ones in the Bay Area, compared to the best dim sum place in HK, it pales. The best HK places are innovative with their dim sums, use top notch ingredients, not unlike dishes in a multi-course tasting menu in top restaurants here. Koi mostly serves classics. And I think they purposely keep the price reasonable to attract a large enough crowd for them to do like 3 seatings during lunch.