Best Deal(s) in Monmouth County.....,

I’m so impressed with this place I’m giving it a second thread as what I think is one of the best deals in Monmouth County. (Add your own values to this thread)

Local Smoke BBQ - Red Bank NJ. I got take out from here tonight, I ordered the same as last time I ate here, The Pig Out $21.00. I got a half chicken - 1/4 lbs of chopped beef brisket and a 1/4(?)* rack of ribs as well as 2 - 1/4lbs container of sides. (Baked beans and cole slaw). This is honestly enough for two people, I had a bit of a struggle finishing it this time.

Regardless for $21. the amount of and quality of the food makes this one of the best buys I know of in Monmouth County!

Share yours!!

*( I’m not sure how many constitute a 1/4 rack but this had 5 nice sized meaty ribs)

For the same money I get a half kilo of al pastor meat from the International Mexican Grocery right up the road from Local Smoke. They give me tortillas, fixins, and salsa ( I love the yellow one ) as well and we have tacos for the family dinner as well as enough left for chilaquilles the next morning.

Love the thread idea!

I’ll chime in with Mogo’s tacos (Asbury Park)…for $4, you get a fresh, FLAVORFUL taco; for me a pair of them is a good lunch on a Saturday afternoon. At the brick and mortar location on Cookman Ave, there’s also a kimchi/condiments bar and I love the pickled cucumbers.

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Beach Tavern in Monmouth beach: fried shrimp at happy hour for 8 bucks. Perfectly crispy shrimp, decent size, great fries, multi million dollar newly renovated building and million dollar view, ample parking, classy crowd, good service. etc You can’t even get a damn mcdonalds meal for 8 bucks. shhh, dont tell anyone else :wink:

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Nice…good tip! Thanks for sharing.

here is some top secret info just for you JR! ; ) On sundays they have a PRIME ny strip steak for 18 bucks! I think it is lunch time only though

Oh I would get two of those!! lol (what is the pic?)

I went to Brando’s in Asbury Park last night…got the Portehouse for 2 $95. Wasn’t incredibly impressed with it especially at that price point.

Not sure what you mean by “what is the pic”

Open it up and you can see the NY strip on the right side from Beach Tavern

Ohhhhh…my bad. In the “preview” in your post it just shows the plate with the french fries. I see now, thank you. You should know by now I ain’t too bright.

95 for a porterhouse is pretty steep.

Reviving this thread, as many of our locals are offering special deals, especially for takeout.


We’re def gonna do the Nicholas deal this week. Looking fwd to it. Anyone know of any other good ones?

Patrizias is 10% off all takeout and delivery through April 30th.

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New menu and grub hub coupon

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